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At Flair Healthcare,
Our Staff are widely recognised as the Epitome of Quality Care across the Healthcare Industry.
That’s because everyone who works for Flair Healthcare Ltd is highly experienced and fit to meet the needs of Our Esteemed Service Users..

Recruitment and Vetting

Flair Healthcare Ltd’s head office is bureau to a dedicated recruitment and scrutinising team who ensure that every applicant goes through the right process and fit to work. This means that only the highest calibre of staff makes it into our team.

24-Hour Availability

No matter what time of the day, week or year you need assistance, our account managers are always on hand to deal with any problems or last-minute requests.

Fully Managed Service

Using our service can take some of the stress off your own organisation, both physically and financially. By managing the coordination and delivery of your staffing needs, we ensure you a safe, cheaper and well managed services with more time for you

Precise Profiling

To make sure our staff are the perfect fit for your requirements, we profile all our clients in advance so we can then match them up against our extensive staff database. We’ll sit down with you to discuss exactly what you need, from staff capabilities and qualifications through to shift patterns and services

Spot Checks

To make sure our staff are continuously meeting our high standards, we cooperate with our clients to perform regular spot checks for quality and consistency.

Flair Healthcare Ltd Staff

We have an extensive team of dedicated staff from diverse backgrounds who possess a multitude of skills and experience which include the following:

  • Support Workers                             Carers
  • Healthcare Assistants                    Senior Carers
  • Senior Support Workers                 Care Coordinators
  • Home Care Managers                   Drivers

Flair Healthcare Staff

We have a huge number of staff in our team covering a variety of specialities including the following:

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Our friendly staff are always available to help you with your needs. If you need help, or you have questions please by all means get in touch with us for more information.

Address Info

103 HQ Blades Enterprise Centre, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom, S2 4SW


T: 0114 361 0114. M: 07440727262

Office Hours

Mon-Fri: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Sat-Sun: Out of Hours Call

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